Why Should We Use Frozen Foods?
Due to being frozen by advanced technology in hygienic conditions without losing nutritional value, our products are fresh, ready to cook and healthy.
If kept in decent storage conditions, frozen foods will be fresh for a long period.
As a consequence, our frozen foods which are produced from the best ingredients and stored in hygienic conditions, preserve their nutritional values and do not contain any additives, thus help consumers to save money, time and energy.

Are frozen vegetables and fruits suitable for children?
Our frozen foods do not contain any additives and chemicals. Therefore, our frozen foods are suitable for children as well as adults.

How to Fry Our Products?
Do not thaw.
You can fry them in a pan with oil (180°C) for 2-3 minutes till they become golden yellow.
If you use a deep fryer, we recommend one cup of food to six cups of oil. (Do not use too much oil and do not shake them while frying)

If you use an oven, you can cook them in a preheated oven (240°C) for 15-20 minutes.

As Jefe Food, we prepare foods without any additives, freeze them and stop any bacterial activity. At -18°C microorganisms stop developing and reproducing. So you can see “No additives” icons on Jefe products. As for the salt, our crumbed olives are made from pickled olives, and to flavour our other breaded products, we add salt.

Market shopping usually takes 20-30 minutes. During this period, the frozen foods in your basket start to thaw. Therefore, you should buy Jefe products at the end of the shopping, so they won’t be thawed by the time you arrive home. Frozen foods can be kept in the deep freezer until the expiration date. Do not buy frosty products, which is an indicator of thawing and refreezing. Make sure the product is completely frozen during your frozen food shopping.

The most important thing about the storage of frozen foods is to keep them in proper conditions after buying.

You can keep the Jefe products in deep freezer (-18°C) until the expiration date.
Just take out necessary amount of product you'd like to use and put the rest into the deep freezer immediately. It is recommended not to refreeze the product once thawed.

We do not recommend refreezing the thawed products. The activity of microorganisms that cause spoilage, stops as a result of individual quick freezing process. In case of not storing according to the recommended time and degree, microorganisms’ activity starts again. Therefore, refrozen foods lose their nutritional values.

If thawing begins after opening the package, you should consume the products immediately. Do not put them into the freezer. If the products have not been thawed after opening the package, then they can be put into the deep freezer again and you can enjoy your food any time you like.